Sandals Honeymoon and Sandals Resort Testimonials

Sandals Whitehouse

The trip was simply fantastic! The resort was everything you built it up to be and more. We simply had the most wonderful time and had a 10 yr anniversary to be remembered. You never told us we were going to meet so many good people while we were there! Truly, as romantic of a time we had, we met 3 other couples that we dined with, did excursions together, etc. It was like we knew these people before getting there and we ended up spending a lot of time together.

Thank you so much for your patience with me and for getting our trip together. It had been too long since we travelled and typically, my wife handles all the planning. For an inexperienced organizer, I couldn't have done it without you.

PS the upgrade to the Italian village was nice as well. We spent most our time at the French pool but it was great to be close to the action during the evening. Also, my waist line appreciated the extra walking and my wife and I enjoyed another excuse to hold hands.

Sandals Whitehouse

We came back a couple of days ago. What a wonderful trip it was. Thank you.

The location, the staff, the beach, entertainment top notch.
Strangely, the food quality wasn't quiet reaching the rest standards of the resort. While presentations on the plate and variety of dishes look impressive, the taste was often plane. We loved the mussels in the see food restaurant.

The alcohol, just as you were saying is the top shelf brands. Pools are awesome. I loved the poolside bars - sweet concept. All your suggestions in regards to clothing were right on. Thank you for mentioning that.

Serene and I went to the YS Falls tour, and I did the canopy-it was great. We did a few more thing, I even tried scuba-that was cool too. Overall, the trip was great. Thank you for suggesting it at the last moment.

Sandals Whitehouse

The trip was fantastic,It was the best vacation Ive ever had.White house really delivered everything you said it would. We are looking forward to our next Sandals vacation.

Thanks again

Sandals Whitehouse

We had a FABULOUS time!! It is exactly what we wanted!! Thank you so much for everything.
We will definitely use you again :)

Thanks again :)
Amber & Eddie

Sandals Whitehouse

The trip was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Not only was it our first time with Sandals but it was our first time in Jamaica and I might be in love! It was so beautiful! The beach was GREAT, the food was delicious..I think I gained 5lbs from Cafe de Paris alone. We loved Bluefields and their jerk chicken. We did a sunset catamaran cruise which was so much fun and my bridesmaids bought us a couples massage and my mother in law bought us the candlelit dinner on the beach which were both spectacular!
Thank you so much for helping us book this trip it was absolutely perfect :)
I will definitely be talking to you again because I would love to try Sandals again!

Sandals La Toc

We had such a wonderful time in St. Lucia! Thanks again for organizing everything. It was absolutely amazing! We loved the resort and we would definitely love to go back and visit the other resorts as well! Sandals is definitely the way to go!
Thank you!

Sandals La Toc

Thanks for the follow up.  The trip was wonderful.  I would love to go back again soon.  Thank god you told us to do at least 7 days.  We still wanted a few more days, believe it or not.  None of us were homesick and thought the trip was too short.  Anyways, to make a long story short, yes, we had an awesome vacation.  The staff was very friendly, and I think we got to know most of them. We even had meals with several of them. 


Sandals La Toc

We had a fabulous time. We are so happy that we stayed at La Toc instead of the resort we could originally afford (Halcyon) as we heard just okay things about that resort. We were having so much fun at our resort that we didn’t even get out to visit the Grande (so we missed out on the crepes)L The staff was friendly and accommodating, our rooms were right next door to one another which really made things easy for us. We even had what I like to call our own private backyard off the patio. Everything was surreal and so nice. Thank you for everything!

Ella was a fabulous agent to work with. My husband and I were traveling to Sandals in St. Lucia with another couple and she took care of every little detail and was able to stay within the tight budget that we had. Ella booked our flights, our stay at the resort and even offered to help us also book side trips. She was incredibly accommodating and patient as she was dealing with all four of us in one day at times. We stayed at Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia and had a marvelous time. The resort spanned across the bay and we felt like we were the only ones on the island at times. The staff at Sandals La Toc were all incredibly nice and welcoming. Our accommodations were top notch and the food and beverages were delicious. I will definitely call Ella the next time we want to stay at a Sandals property and will continue to use Sandals as our all inclusive resort vacation spot.
 Katie & Karlos

Sandals La Toc (Sandals Regency St Lucia) and Sandals Grande St Lucian

First, thank you for meeting with us and sharing info regarding St. Lucia.  Andrea and I had a great time, and wish it didn’t end so quickly. We couldn’t believe how many mountains are really on that small island, and the rainforest is beautiful.  We took 2 excursions.  First we went zip-lining, which was awesome!  If anyone plans on doing this, you might want to advise people bring bug spray - Andrea got eaten alive and had huge welts all over her body afterwards.  Our second excursion was the Soufriere adventure (catamaran cruise, volcano, sulfer springs, water fall, snorkling). 
The snorkling was a bust, as we barely saw anything, but everything else was wonderful. 

As for the resorts, we liked them both for different reasons.  The Grande was much nicer, rooms were nicer, water sports were better, much better service, quieter/smaller than the Regency.  We liked the room much better there, even though it was the basic room.  The nightly entertainment was much more enjoyable at the Grande (piano player and singer on tower over pool, piano bar is much nicer).  Hiking the Pigeon island was a great time, but much more challenging than we thought at first (definitely worth the hike though!).  We ate at Toscini's twice - so good!   At the Regency, we liked how it was a bigger resort with more 'exploring available.  Every night we would just walk the grounds and see what was there.  The Regency resort looked nicer with the bluffs and cliffs, and the beach area is definitely bigger.  The Regency offered more pools - we liked the quiter pools at the top of the hill near Kimonos and the other Italian restaurant.  Water sports were still good, but better at the Grande.  There are also more restaurants at the Regency, so that’s nicer too.   

We had an amazing time!  If we could choose only one resort to stay at next time, I don’t think we could easily pick one.   

Next time we plan a trip to a Sandals (maybe an anniversary), we'll be in touch with you.  And if anyone plans a trip to Sandals, we'll refer them to you.   

Thanks again for everything!
Andrea and Dan

Sandals La Toc (Sandals Regency St Lucia) and Sandals Grande St Lucian

We had a wonderful time!  We really enjoyed the resort and the Sandals employees.  Everyone was so helpful and very outgoing which made the experience that much more enjoyable.  We did visit the Grande, which was amazing and had the most beautiful views (which I remember you mentioned). I think if we were to go back to St. Lucia we would stay at the Grande. 

All in all, we had a wonderful trip and would definitely recommend the resort to others!  Thank you so much for all your help and we definitely enjoyed working with you.  You made the planning part super easy!  We didn’t have any trouble with flights or checking into the resort.  I know that we would turn to you again for planning another Sandals vacation!   

Thanks again,

Sandals Grande St Lucian

Thank you so much for organizing the trip.  We were so excited when the Van pulled up the Grande it was so beautiful. We were upgraded to the 3rd floor overlooking the Atlantic side which was nice and quiet at night. Thank you for that. There was champagne in the room for my birthday and Toula's Anniversary.  Thank you for that.  The Grande was spectacular compared to the other 2 resorts and the people were very friendly and accommodating.  The food at Le Toc and The Pier were  the best. Toscanni's was terrible.  We loved Josephine's as well. 

We rented Jet Skis one day, played Golf one day-the course was terrible because of the drought they are having-sailed Hobie Cats one day but didn't see the Waterfalls or the Ptons.  The ride alone from the airport was scary and Bill and Toula were nauseous.  I definitely would like to visit another Sandals whether it be St. Lucia again or some people liked the Grand Bahamas.  I would even like to visit Antigua or Turks and Caicos.  I promised some of the staff that I would comment on their services with Trip Adviser and sign it Mr. & Mrs. F. Snake.  Because I learned some dirty creole words that meant fish and snake.  Thank you again Ella for all you did. 

Mary Anne

Sandals Grande St Lucian

We had a wonderful time! The weather was pretty crappy the entire time but we made the best of it. The island was gorgeous and the staff was incredible. We had the opportunity to visit the Regency resort (for Kimonos) as well which is also beautiful. The couples massage was our favorite! Tusconini’s was probably the best restaurant we ate at. All in all it was a great honeymoon. Thank you SO much for all your help and recommendations.


Sandals Grande Riviera

Thank you so much for your help with our recent Sandals trip!  It was more than I could have ever hoped for!  The villa was perfect with the pool - we were so happy that you suggested staying there!  Also, Yoann proposed to me during a candlelight dinner on the beach!  It was like something out of a movie!  Such a magical trip!  Thank you again for helping make it all possible! 


Sandals Grande Riviera

The trip was great!

It rained a little on the bus ride over.
It rained on Sunday, mostly a wash out.

The street jamboree night on Monday was Fun.

Took the Kat-amarran, Tuesday, over to
Dunn's River Falls, What a Blast!

Very relaxing,  Ate at a  different restaurant every night.

Thanks for every thing.

We will do Sandals again in the future.
Would like to try a different resort (location).

Great  waiters,  Clayton, Dale and more.
Drivers were Fun! Rather speedy.

Thanks for making our 25th Anniv. a very memorable one.

Thank You,
Mark & Sonny

Sandals Grande Riviera

My wife and I had a very good relaxing vacation.  The hilly terrain made for a great morning workout, and relaxing by either our pool or the manor pool (w/cabana) was a great way to spend the rest of the day.  We actually figured out that our suite was the one used for the photos online, as our view out the balcony was identical.  We were very happy with the room and pool setup.

We decided the butler service was worth it, as it was nice to just call ahead and set up a time when your food would be set up on your balcony for you, or served poolside, or at your cabana.  We ate every breakfast on our balcony and many of our dinners.  We had Moria and Adrien as butlers, and they were great.  If I had a butler in real life (right?!), I would expect him/her to be a bit more preemptory and less intrusive, but that's splitting hairs a bit.  The time they saved us in serving breakfast and lunch right where we were at was definitely worth it.

We did eat dinner out four times, and although we were impressed with the breakfast and lunch food, we weren't that impressed with the restaurants.  It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't that great, except for the dinner on our last night at Neptune (which I believe is a newer restaurant).  We were given one of the tables closest to the water, and it felt like we were getting one of those candlelit dinners on the sand.  The food was great and our waiter was fantastic, although his name eludes me at this moment.  If we would have ate there the first rather than the last night, we probably would have been eating there for all of our dinners out. 

All in all, it was a fantastic trip that we left definitely feeling as though it was worth every last cent spent.  We would definitely stay at another Sandals again.

Thank you once again for your help and assistance in getting this set up.  Anyone I hear of thinking about a Sandals or Beaches vacation, I will surely send your way.


Sandals Ochi (Grande Riviera}

We have a great time.  We met some nice people and had great weather.

Thank you for the fruit plate on my birthday!  The construction and renovations were a bit noisy but I think it will be terrific when it's completed.


Sandals Ochi (Grande Riviera)

I found Ella's travel agency online and I am so grateful that I did! She recommended we stay at Sandals Riviera Beach and Golf Resort in Ocho Rios, the perfect spot for honeymooners.

She put us in the Honeymoon Bougainvillea Hideaway Concierge Poolside One Bedroom Suite. These rooms are on the Manor side of the property. You do need to take a bus to get to the other side where most of the activities are but we didn't mind because it is much quieter. The concierge service is fantastic - stocked bar, pick up service and personal attention when booking excursions. The beaches and pools are beautiful and the food is amazing. Valentino's was our favorite restaurant and the entire staff at Sandals, from the bus drivers to the butlers are personable and friendly. We met several couples who did not use a travel agent, and they did not receive the kind of service that we did. All in all, Sandals Resorts and Ella's travel agency are both highly recommended!


Sandals Ochi (Grande Riviera)

Just wanted to thank you for helping with our trip! Although we were not too happy with our initial accommodations, the Sandals staff was SOOOO great to get us moved into a room that we liked-and they did it with no trouble and very quickly. We had a BLAST! The resort was beautiful, the people were great, the food was great and our excursions were a so much fun! We will definitely be going back!

Thank you again!

Sandals Ochi (Grande Riviera)

Our honeymoon was great!  

I really have no complaints at all.  The staff were a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating.  We took a couple of trips into town to trade with the locals at the craft market and that was definitely an experience that we both enjoyed.  

I can't really speak to the activities provided by the resort, because other than just eating, drinking and laying by the beach/pool we really didn't do much else, which is exactly what we were looking for.

Thanks for helping us out and we look forward to doing business again in the future.


Sandals Ochi (Grande Riviera)

We had a great time and can't wait to go back!
We got upgraded to a Honeymoon cottage and it was nice and private. They left a note saying they knew you and would take good care of us - and they did.

Thanks, we enjoyed our trip!

Sandals Carlyle

We had an amazing time.  Carlyle was wonderful to us and having the shuttles to Mobay and Royal were super convenient.  We adored the staff at Carlyle and would absolutely LOVE to go again.

Thanks for all your help!

Sandals Emerald Bay

Wanted you to know we had a fabulous time at Emerald Bay.  Everything was great and exceeded our expectations.  Thank you so much for all your help in choosing the perfect place.


Sandals Royal Caribbean

Hi Ella,

We just got back from our amazing trip to Jamaica. Thank you so much for the room upgrade. We felt truly blessed and it made our honeymoon trip that much more special. We hope you have a great week and wonderful New Years!
Martha and Chris

Sandals Royal Bahamian

We LOVED the resort - everything was great (food, service, etc). We were glad we decided to didn't rain at all the whole time we were there (it started to rain, though, when we boarded our flight from Nassau...). Thanks for helping us with the reservations. We were upgraded to the manor house with ocean view.

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